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About Me

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My Motto:

Follow your heart and be creative!


Orly Zucker

The name Tasha -טשא combines the initials of Tal, Shelly, and Itai, my three children's names in Hebrew.

My name is Orly Zucker. I am a jewelry artist from Israel and have been selling my designs worldwide for the past thirteen years.

I have always had a keen eye for unique designs and interesting materials.

As time went by I fell in love with designing and creating my own jewelry which many people loved as well.


Soon enough, my passion became my job. 

My work is inspired by nature, Native American motifs, and ancients symbols from East Asia.

To make my jewelry, I import a variety of special materials from different countries around the world.

Each of my designs is one of a kind and reflects a unique character.

I hope you find your perfect jewel.


Orly Zucker
Tasha Designs, Founder and Lead Designer

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